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Diema DL6 wheels - Seite 2 Empty Re: Diema DL6 wheels

am Di 13 Mai 2014, 21:38
Hello Robert!

Look at this contribution :

[Sie müssen registriert oder eingeloggt sein, um diesen Link sehen zu können]

The question from Peter P, i have to answer next week, over the weekend I'm in Ukraine, after this i have time for it.

If something is unclear, write me.

friendly regards

Robert Sand
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Diema DL6 wheels - Seite 2 Empty Re: Diema DL6 wheels

am So 18 Mai 2014, 10:42
Thanks for the answers. Nice to notice how easy it was to get an answer here! I understand some german but I am very bad at writing and talking it. I have to say that I have learned a lot of german by following Kipploreforum. I have been a reader for many years allready but now it was time for me to write something here too.
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