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Eisenbahn-Kurier DVD "Damals in Indonesien" - schön, aber... Empty Eisenbahn-Kurier DVD "Damals in Indonesien" - schön, aber...

So 14 Okt 2012, 21:46
Hallo, seit kurzem hat der Eisenbahn-Kurier eine DVD unter dem Titel "Damals in Indonesien" im Programm. Es sind Aufnahmen des Schweizers Werner Reber aus dem Jahre 1992. Ich hatte heute endlich Zeit, sie mir anzusehen, hier eine kurze Inhaltsangabe:

Zuckerfabriken in Java
- Kadipathen
- Gempol
- Rejosari
- Trangkil
- Sragi
- Pangkah
- Sindanglaut
- Pakis Baru
- Pagottan
- Kanigoro
- Tasik Madu

Ambarawa Eisenbahnmuseum
- B25 Zahnradlok auf der Zahnradstrecke

Sumatra Ölpalmplantagen
- Dolok Ili
- eine weitere die ich auf die Schnelle nicht identifizieren konnte.

Die DVD hat sehr schöne, heute nicht mehr machbare Filsequenzen, alles in allem sehr schön und interessant, aber...

In the video there was one glaring mistake: when he talks about Sindanglaut, it was actually Tersana Baru with D&B 0-4-4-0 Mallet tender loc. You can also see that the Jung loco being washed has a small NT (Nieuw Tersana) plaque on the side tanks. the only scene that was really in Sindanglaut was when people push the mud trains. After that scene when the loco #2 pushing loaded was again Tersana Baru. he mentions no 12 was O&K when you can plainly see that it was more likely a Maffei or D&B. and after that hesaid #9 was a Schwartzkopf?

SindangLaut #12 was indeed an O&K, and SL#9 was indeed a Schwartzkopf (0-6-0 inside frame! whereas Tersana Baru #9 is clearly O&K outside frame 0-8-0)

Anyway it was a good DVD, brings back fond memories for me!



Thanks, but...

I got given a review copy a while back, hoping to see some stationary steam
in an oil palm mill - of course it was in a sugar mill.

It was, I believe, shot on the TEFS tour that year and as such don't hold
your breath waiting for something really special, by and large they didn't
get far from the mills.

But of course, it shows some systems that closed a while back.

As I recall, some of the locations are plain wrong too, what he says is
Sindanglaut is Tersana Baru (I think one of the shed clips is actually at
Ketanggungan Barat, with DB Mallet 5), as a result he misidentifies some
locos (eg TB 12 is a DB and not OK - Sindanglaut 12 is OK of course).

The interiors shown are a mixture, I didn't get interested in this side till
10 years after this was shot so it's difficult to be sure where they are but
it does include Sumeberharjo and Pagottan, maybe Gending plus others.

I wish he'd used a decent tripod and I wish I could have afforded a camera
as good as his at the time, my material does not have such good picture
quality but it's more interesting!

Rob Dickinson
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